Corneal Topographer

Corneal Topography is a technique that is used to map the curved surface of the Cornea. This can help measure the quality of vision, detect Keratoconus at an early stage, as well as assist in LASIK surgery and the fitting of contact lenses. This procedure is non-invasive and painless to the patient.

Eidon Wide-Field Camera

The Eidon Wide-Field Camera represents a groundbreaking advancement in ophthalmic imaging technology, designed to empower eye doctors with unprecedented clarity and precision in diagnosing and managing various ocular conditions. Utilizing cutting-edge optics and sophisticated imaging algorithms, the Eidon Camera offers us a comprehensive view of the retina and surrounding structures with unparalleled detail and accuracy. From detecting subtle signs of retinal pathology to monitoring disease progression, this innovative device enables our team to make informed decisions and provide optimal care for you, our valued patients.

Optovue iVue OCT

The Optovue iVue OCT offers a comprehensive assessment of ocular disease. The device captures retinal images that allow you to see each individual retain layer, which are used to quantify the structures in the eye. The device offers an accurate diagnosis of eye disease. The device can also record changes in the eye by building a record of photos that track the progression of eye disease. This is very useful for the early detection and diagnosis of retinal diseases and conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinal disease.

iCare Tonometer

The iCare imaging system uses white LED illumination to offer high-quality TrueColor images of the retina. This device provides detail-rich images with greater image sharpness, optical resolution, and contrast when compared to traditional camera imaging. The device is used to diagnose and track the progression of eye disease. This system does not require a puff of air into the eye which can make the exam uncomfortable for some patients. This system is quick, efficient, and provides the best possible data.

Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer

The Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer can be used for screening, monitoring, and assisting in the diagnosis of certain eye conditions. It is the recognized standard of care for early diagnosis and management of ocular diseases resulting in visual field loss. The device is most commonly used in tracking the progression of glaucoma and can also track stroke, traumatic brain injury, and toxic injury to the retina or optic nerve.

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